iDashboards Enterprise

iDashboards Enterprise 7.5

Support for most relational databases using JDBC or ODBC

iDashboards Enterprise Edition is business intelligence (BI) dashboards done the right way. With implementations in days rather than months and an intuitive interface that lets users build their own cutting edge dashboards, this is a solution for those who will not settle for anything less than innovative dashboards that are straightforward and fun to use. This web-based software provides dashboards with real-time data. It scales from ten to tens of thousands of users and draws data from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other data sources to display all KPIs and metrics in a single location. Its built-in security framework provides role-based user permissions and access control. Compliance with industry standards (XML, JDBC, ODBC, LDAP) simplifies installation and maintenance. iDashboards brings the value of enterprise dashboards to thousands of customers around the globe.

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